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Many share with their primary care physicians about their symptoms, problems, and needs that are psychological, behavioral, and/or emotional in nature, which does not typically lie within the scope of knowledge of primary care physicians, as most are not trained to practice psychotherapy. Some in fact, share their mental health concerns and needs with their physician for many reasons including: their developed trust over the years, their respect for MDs, perhaps their misconception about psychotherapy, including concerns about potential stigmas if diagnosed by a psychiatrist and go to therapy

Psychotherapy is typically the most appropriate and effective vehicle to address psychological, behavioral, and/or emotional concerns and needs. Clinicians collaborate with physicians to assure their clients/patients are receiving the care/services they need. Mental wellness which includes behaviors and emotions should be "treated" by a trained licensed psychotherapist (psychotherapist credentials may include: MFTs, MHC, CSW, and Psychologists).

For the patients that have a debilitating medical illness/disease their lives change drastically and their families, therefore systemically trained psychotherapists, such as MFTs or MedFTs, would be the most appropriate and effective provider to externalize the illness/disease and work with the clients and their families when appropriate, to process their emotions and thoughts, to develop coping skills, and empower the clients providing hope in living with their condition/illness.

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