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Many begin their therapeutic journey as individuals to address and process some of their personal concerns in privacy. Some potential reasons may include, but are not limited to: regaining purpose and control of their life; to process turmoil, stress, or grief; to gain insight through their discovery of their doubts; to develop coping skills; to alleviate stress or depression; to develop a sense of worth and a fitting identity; improve communication and relationships; and so forth. Whatever is the individuals reason to seek individual therapy, they can take comfort in that Dr. Arias Shah takes a nonpathological systemic approach to conceptualize the individual's concerns/problems in context of the individual's systemic interactional cycles that need change.

Dr. Arias Shah respects her clients' story, while being mindful of their culture/s and diversities, as she collaborates with them in identifying their goals, discovering their strengths and resources to develop their preferred narrative accordingly.

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***Leading Services in English or Spanish in office or online: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Divorce Counseling; Facilitate intimate transformative groups; conduct Assessments such as Emotional Support Animal, Immigration, and Mental Health Condition/Diagnosis; Mentor and supervise clinical Mental health and Marriage and Family Therapy Interns.***  

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