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How is Enso Minds Different? 

Our bi-lingual therapists are Solution Oriented Brief systemic therapist. We use a strength-based approach, by collaborating with our clients to individualize their therapeutic goals according to their need. The emphasis is on change and on strengths. Depending on the desire of the client and the nature of the problem, others who can be involved in the solutions might be asked to participate. We employ only the best therapist with specialization and credentials in their field. Your sessions will be rich and fulfilling and you will leave with a sense of peace, understanding. We solve concerns one solution at a time.

Our strengths: 

  1. Bi-Lingual Therapist (English/Spanish)
  2. Over 13 years of Clinical Experience
  3. Flexible Hours 7 days a week
  4. Online Therapy
  5. Session hours and frequency tailored to client/s needs (2 hour sessions recommended)
  6. Therapy Service Package Deals
  7. Exclusive Concierge Services

Our services: 

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Separation/Divorce Counseling
  • Concierge Sessions
  • Online Therapy
  • Clinical Supervision
  • EAP
  • Groups
  • Assessments/Evaluations
  • Emotional Support Animal Letters
  • Mediation and Expert Witness

What are the typical cases you treat? 

  1. Marital conflict & family conflict: divorce, separation, step parents/siblings, adoption, foster children, adolescent identity issues, sexuality, cutting, depression, etc
  2. Work challenges: discrimination, toxic management, harassment, performance tension, bullying, cultural dynamics and differences, etc.
  3. Mental health disorders: depression, bi-polar, schizoaffective, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, ADHD, attachment disorder, etc.
  4. Children’s behavioral problems as evident in school or home: ADHD, anxiety, adjustment, bullying, depression, anger, etc.

What to expect from treatment/therapy with Dr. Arias Shah?

Dr. Arias Shah's psychotherapeutic approach is collaborative, systemic and strength based. Through these theoretical frameworks Dr. Arias Shah and her clients work together to identify negative interactional cycles and patterns that keep them stuck, and explore potential resolutions/solutions working towards preferred outcome. This process requires identifying strengths and resources, identification of exceptions to the problem, externalization the problem, and discovering the clients'' preferred narrative.

Overall Psychotherapy with me will involve:

  • Develop a therapeutic relationship based on trust and authenticity
  • Identify therapeutic goals collaboratively
  • Determine the clients personal strengths, resources and assets to capitalize on
  • Explore and identify the client's and his or her systems' interactional patterns that drive and sustain "symptoms/distress" and reduce those negative experiences accordingly
  • Develop increased self-awareness/mindfulness, insights, resources, and skills
  • Work towards positive change in reaching preferred outcome/narrative
  • Develop new perspectives, ways of managing emotions, communicating, and interacting in healthier productive ways assuring stronger relationships

Should I consider therapy?

Therapy is for everyone! In fact therapy has evolved over the past decades making it more accessible to all who want. Though there continues to be some misconceptions and apparent stigmas associated with "mental health," people are more resourceful in exploring options to their solutions, which includes therapy. Therapy has transcended the traditional settings of an office space to the comfort of the clients' home, through a computer, phone, or even text messaging, whichever method the client chooses there is no longer an excuses to begin the therapeutic journey to obtain the life they seek.

Lets begin by demystify the therapeutic process...

Beginning therapy can be nerve-wracking, and even intimidating but for some exciting, to embark in a path of healing, recovery, empowerment, skill building, and resolution. If you've never been to therapy before, you may be wondering what it will be like to start this process. Dr. Arias Shah hopes to provide you with some insight that will help you get a clearer picture of what you can expect as we begin to work together.

The initial sessions will consist of an informal evaluation to understand your needs. By the end of the "evaluation/assessment", we will be able to form some early impressions of what our work might look like; collaboratively identifying your goals for treatment/therapy services. You will always be in the position to determine whether to continue with therapy.

The course of psychotherapy varies considerably depending on the clients' particular situation, symptoms, and goals; which therapeutic approach and methods is considered and chosen accordingly to work collaboratively towards positive and meaningful change. Dr. Arias Shah will use strength based postmodern approaches, as well as some of the more traditional modern approaches as appropriate to help clients achieve their goals.  It's important to note that in order to have the best possible outcome, clients will have to invest time and energy not only in our sessions together, but also between sessions, thinking about and working on the themes that were identified together in sessions. The ultimate goal of therapy is for the client to no longer need therapy services, as they would have the insights and skills necessary to manage any life stressors accordingly. The clients will have established stability and an increased sense of self worth.

Research has shown that psychotherapy has been linked to many benefits (positive outcomes) like better relationships (with others including yourself), increased life satisfaction, increased self-efficacy, improved physical health, and reduction in distressing feelings. That being said, the therapeutic process will heighten certain emotions and memories that may raise some levels of risks. Some risks may include experiencing uncomfortable emotions like sadness, guilt, anger, anxiety or shame when talking and thinking about aspects of the client's life. Dr. Arias Shah is committed to assure clients feel safe to process their emotions and circumstances (challenges, crisis, abuse, diagnosis, etc), respecting and being sensitive to the clients' needs including the consideration of cultural factors to provide appropriate and effective support. Though it is uncomfortable to process many feelings and problems it is a part of the journey to heal and achieve the goals the clients hope for. Dr. Arias Shah strongly believes the problem is the problem and hopes to externalize it, reminding clients that they do not operate/live in a vacuum, therefore it is vital to understand their systems as well.

Is what I/we say confidential? 

As a LMFT I am bound by code of ethics and confidentiality. However, by law professionals have to break confidentiality if there is suspicion of a child or elder abuse and if the client is a harm/danger to self.

How often do I/we attend sessions?

Many clients typically come once a week. Clients who are interested in moving the pace along due to feeling in crisis and/or have a sense of urgency to find some resolution come twice a week. Dr. Arias Shah finds providing 2 hour sessions makes therapy overall brief. Different service plans are conveniently offered for  8 and 12 week sessions.

What are the costs?

I strive to give you the upmost quality. Depending on the various packages meeting your needs we tailor a program fit for you. We offer a free complimentary 30-minute session to discuss your goals. We also have a sliding scale. We can appreciate that people have different economic situations and I take that into consideration. The fee will be mutually agreed upon at the time of our initial consultation.

Payment Methods accepted:

  • All major debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) via Square Point of Sale upon booking your appointment/s (a la carte, packages, or memberships).

Rates per-session:

  • Supervision 60 minutes – $79
  • Online services 60 minutes– $99
  • Therapy (in office) 60 minutes– $149
  • Assessments starting at – $199
  • Concierge services 90 minutes – $299
  • Group therapy 60 minutes – $59

* Other rate options may be available on a case-by-case basis. Please speak with therapist for additional options.

Sliding Scale Fee may be available. Please speak with therapist for additional options

Cancellation Policy:

  • Late Cancellation fee for appointments cancelled within the window of 24 to 6 hours before appointment start time $45- $65 (depends on services- refer to the services cancellation policy)
  • Full session charge for appointments canceled within 6 hours before appointment start time or failure to show for the appointment
  • No charge for cancelations due to sickness or unsafe weather/road conditions. Notify ASAP so others on the cancellation list can be scheduled.

* Ask about first-session discounted rate for military and first-responders

Can we pay by the hour? 

Yes. If you choose not to receive our package plans you can simply pay by the hour. All payments are due at the time of your session. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Do you offer any package deals?

Absolutely! Clients can save at least a session cost when pre-pay their sessions. Dr. Arias Shah offers several package sessions options:

8 week session package deals 10% off – $1073 

12 week session package deals 12% off – $1574 

If any further questions contact Dr. Arias Shah @ 1-888-995-ENSO (3676). 

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