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What makes Enso Minds Different? 

  1. Bi-Lingual Therapist (English/Spanish)
  2. Over 13 years of experience
  3. Flexible Hours 7 days a week
  4. Online Therapy
  5. Session hours and frequency tailored to clients needs (2 hour sessions recommended)
  6. Service Packages for individuals, families, couples, and group
  7. Concierge Services
  8. Evidence based practice
  9. Systemic & Collaborative
  10. Culturally & Diversity competent & sensitive
  11. Conduct comprehensive assessments
  12. Offer telehealth services tailored to graduate and post graduate students (e.g., Law students, Med Students, Psychology students).

Why Enso Minds?

At Enso Minds, Dr. Arias Shah has vast knowledge and experience in providing professional, ethical, and mindful services to diverse populations. She collaborates with her clients, whether for therapeutic services, supervision or assessments, respecting their needs, circumstances, and story, in identifying and providing evidence-based services.

Meet Dr. Arias Shah

Melissa Arias Shah, Ph.D. LMFT, is a leading bilingual (English and Spanish) Psychotherapist, Professor, Assessor, and Clinical AAMFT Supervisor. Her approach in all her roles is strength based using different modalities according to the circumstances.

Dr Arias Shah LMFT Enso Minds

Dr. Mel Arias Shah


As a Clinician

Dr. Arias Shah offers services to individuals, families, couples and groups. Dr. Arias Shah has vast experience working with clients on, but not limited to: processing and coping with divorce, breaking the chains of depression, adjusting to life transitions, developing insight and self-reflection, improving communication skills, alleviating anxiety symptoms, developing stress and anger management skills, enhancing parenting skills, addressing marital discord identifying solutions within a language that creates change for the couple, working through dual diagnosis, processing grief, and empowering sexual abuse victims.

Dr. Arias Shah focuses on strengths and change. She understands that relationships are the core element in all of our lives and strong relationships means security, confidence, and resiliency. Each session is a powerful and impactful full two hours of progression. Her mission is to transform relationships, as she collaborates with her clients in discovering their solutions.

As a Professor

Dr. Arias Shah provides guidance and affordance that enables students to synthesize learning into a coherent view of systems, and become self-directed learners meeting course objectives through feedback and feed-forward. She has also helped develop rigorous course curriculums measuring course objectives (e.g., critical thinking of course materials) that are dedicated to enhancing a positive learning experience through feedback and feed forward.

As an AAMFT Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Arias Shah's purpose is to help MFT supervisees become ethical, competent clinicians who develop a sense of self of the therapist, and are cognizant of their relationship to systems. She is interested in exploring with the supervisees their concepts on systems, change, and communication, reflecting their theoretical framework. Furthermore, Dr. Arias Shah looks forward to building a working alliance with the supervisees, respecting them as unique individuals, being mindful of culture, diversity and language in contextualizing their work and professional development, to collaborate with them in developing their professional and clinical goals accordingly, as it is vital to the supervisory relationship.

Moreover, as the gatekeeper of the supervisees, the primary goal is to collaborate and facilitate their development into competent, confident, lawful and ethical therapists by assisting them to gain a sense of confidence, understanding the value of not working in a vacuum (need to keep collegial relationship), embrace a theoretical framework, develop an awareness of self and systems and the interactive effects on another (their ideas of client’s story, their own experiences related to client’s story and how they manage the therapy process (Lee & Nelson (2014)), to be mindful of their therapeutic language (circular versus linear), understand the implications of the laws and ethics involved in their cases including their administrative work competency, and master their therapeutic approach. To achieve this, Dr. Arias Shah is mindful of how to challenge the supervisees and be supportive (Goldenthal, 1994).

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