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Divorce Group


No one really ever expects or rather plans to get divorce. Its an emotional roller coaster for most; one that can be costly and damaging to all those involved. In a divorce support group people can feel validated, as they are not alone in the divorce process. 

What you can expect in a 6 week divorce group:

Week 1: Discussion on understanding the different experiences one may face after being divorced. Beginning to imagine what re-defining yourself will look like.

Week 2: Dealing with loss, anger, depression, and loneliness.

Week 3: Financial Survival and Management - Developing a plan.

Week 4: Co-parenting.

Week 5: Self love & New Relationships.

Week 6: Forgiveness & Reconciliation.

Contact Dr. Arias Shah today for group availability @ 1-888-995-ENSO (3676).

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