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I am excited to share with all of you, what the field and myself may consider news worthy insights and tools that would potentially help all to continue developing their professional identity and core competencies. I look forward to receiving feedback along this journey in Vlogging (Video blogging), as I do not claim to be an expert in every area of my field or of your lives, however with my vast training and experience, I make it a point to conduct extensive research to provide the latest evidence based information, in addition to my professional and personal experiences for what its worth.

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Escalating Emotions in Session

In some cases, elevating emotions in therapy is a technique that might be useful.

Discharging or Transferring Clients

Simply and effective practices when discharging or transferring clients.

Don't be a Jack of all trade

Interns not expected and not encouraged to be "the Jack of all trade" sort of speak, but instead hone in on one or two models to deepen your knowledge and skills set to be effective clinicians.

Rolling With Resistance

This video briefly addresses how to address a potential "resistant" client; known as "rolling with resistance."


When clients' emotions are heighten they cant be heard or understood; in sessions clinician can apply certain strategies to help with de-escalating clients.


This video briefly addresses some important boundaries encouraged and required to ethical and effective clinicians. 

  • Episode 33: Navigating the Legal System
    Stefanie Frank, JD, former legal counsel for AAMFT, discusses common questions, gray areas, and ethical dilemmas about interfacing with the legal system as a systemic family therapist. She covers a wide berth of topics including best practices for expert witnesses, responding to subpoenas, HIPAA compliance, notetaking, and privilege, and termination as part of ethical practice.
    American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
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  • Parenting During a Pandemic: Discipline and Development
    Gaining insight into acting out behavior and your child's developmental stage can help you parent more effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic. The post Parenting During a Pandemic: Discipline and Development appeared first on Therapy Blog.
    Amy Quinn
  • Questioning the “Ditch the Desk” Theory of Therapy
    A fellow therapist and I were leaving the local massive business furniture outlet and headed toward my new private practice office with a brand spanking new desk stuffed into the trunk of his trusty 1976 Buick Regal. The desk was sitting on its side, protruding from the trunk and looking like a chimney or perhaps […]
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